Mobile storage

Our technology is here to harness the storage in highly dynamic systems… where others cannot

Blazing fast

Our software solutions are not just fast, they are world-class fast.


Our software solutions are ready to address your needs.

Our Magic Juice

Network coding enables dynamic distributed storage and content delivery as well as increased data accessibility and security. No other code is that flexible.


Welcome to Chocolate Cloud

Chocolate Cloud ApS is a high-tech start-up based in Denmark with deep MIT roots and with a global perspective. We have highly committed investors from Denmark and Germany and a professional board of directors – including the former CEO of Intel Mobile in Denmark, an MIT Professor, and the 5G Lab Director of Germany. We are delivering software products for efficient and privacy-preserving Multi-Cloud data storage (hybrid clouds, multiple public clouds, multiple private clouds) as well as a blazing fast technology to reduce storage by a factor of 2 in OpenStack (Object-based storage) and Hadoop (BigData).

Our Vision

Our vision goes beyond the current Cloud storage market to include edge and mobile storage needed for low latency applications in 5G networks and the IoT in the coming years. Our patented technology combined with our world-class team is the key to redefining the expected reliability, costs, speed and privacy from Cloud and Internet services.


Our Latest News

We demonstrated our first version of the Secure Object Based Storage using Intel SGX in Brazil

During H2020’s SecureCloud project review meeting, our team presented a demonstration of a first version of our novel and secure Object Based Storage solution for… Continue reading>

Cloud Backup product with partner O&O Software is shipping as Beta

Chocolate Cloud has provided its partner, O&O Software, the key component for Secure Multi-Cloud data management. Together we have built a Secure Cloud Backup solution… Continue reading>

Chocolate Cloud CEO is interviewed regarding the participation of the company in the SecureCloud project

The interview appears in the Danish magazine “EU-Information” No. 3, pp. 5, December 2016 To go or not to go Horizon 2020? By Sasha Bermann,… Continue reading>

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